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MWPVL International is continuously developing insight in the supply chain, logistics, and distribution industry.

The media articles  on this page are links to journal publications featuring our company. Please check back with us frequently and be sure to send us some feedback if there is a topic you would like us to write about; or if you wish to offer some insight of your own.  We will be sure to get back to you.


Article Title


Article Title


Business Insider

Supply Chain Digest Gurus 2019

Transport Topics

Albany Times Union


The Blade 

The Blade 



CNN Business


Global News

Washington Business Journal

The Guardian

The Washington Post


DC Velocity May 2018

Port Strategy

Global News

The Business Times

Chicago Tribune

Business Insider UK


Wall Street Journal 

New Hampshire Union Leader




The Atlantic

Supply Chain Digest Gurus

Forbes 2018-01-04




Wall Street Journal 

Wall Street Journal 

DC Velocity, December 2017

South Florida Times

Daily Record

The Seattle Times

The Commercial Appeal



New York Post


The Loadstar UK

Factor Daily


The Villager

Statesman Journal

Wall Street Journal 

Chicago Tribune

Business Day



Newsweek July, 2017

DC Velocity July, 2017

The New York Times

The New York Times

American Journal of Transportation


New York Post


New York Post




The Lane Report


Pittsburg Business Times Logo

Supermarket News

Financial News and Daily Record


Fortune December, 2016

Crains Wall Street Journal Reuters


The Globe and Mail 

Bloombergbusinessweek 2016-08-31

Internet Retailer October, 2016


Internet Retailer July 2016



Gazzette Review







Supply Chain Digest January 2016




Internet Retailer December 2015

Financial Times




DC Velocity November 2015

Motherboard 2015-11-24



Washington Post

Bloomberg BusinessWeek July, 2015

Internet Retailer May 2015

Internet Retailer April 2015

Forbes March 20, 2015

WERCSheet Jan-Feb 2015

Food Logistics January 2015

Supply Chain Digest January 2015

Time November 2014

Financial Post SupplyChain247

Food Logistics October 2014

Wired September 2014

Home Improvement Retailing September 2014

TruckNews October 2014

Food Logistics July 2014

DC Velocity September 2014

The Economist June 2014

DC Velocity July 2014

Wired May 2014

Internet Retailer June 2014

Wall Street Journal The Globe and Mail 

Reuters May 2014 Marketplace May 2014

Canadian Grocer April 2014

Internet Retailer April 2014

Internet Retailer March 2014

WERCSheet March, 2014

DC Velocity March 2014

Supply Chain Digest February 2014

MacLeans January 2013

Distribution Center Management January 2014

New Republic October 2013

Distribution Center Management October 2013

Bloomberg BusinessWeek August, 2013


The Economist May 2013

Canadian Grocer February 2013

Supply Chain Digest March 11 2013

Supply Chain Digest March 19 2013

DC Velocity March 2013

Supply Chain Brain February 2013

Supply Chain Digest February 2013

Inbound Logistics January 2013

WERCSheet Jan -Feb, 2013

DC Velocity October 2012

Materials Management and Distribution September 2012

Supply Chain Brain August 2012

Supply Chain Digest August 2012

DC Velocity July 2012

MIT Technology Review July 2012

Canadian Manufacturing May 2012

Supply Chain Brain February 2012

Supply Chain Digest February 2012

Supply Chain Management Review December 2011

Ottawa Citizen December 2011

Montreal Gazette December 2011

Distribution Center Management September 2011

Supply Chain Brain October 2011

tED July 2011

Modern Materials Handling July 2011

Supply Chain Brain May 2011

WERCSheet June 2011

Supply Chain Brain March 2011

Supply Chain Brain April 2011

Supply Chain Digest December 2011

Food Engineering September 2010

SIOR Professional Report Q2 2010

Marc Wulfraat DC Velocity 2010

Inbound Logistics June 2009

DC Velocity October 2009

Logistics Management June 2010

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