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MWPVL International Product Sourcing Strstegy Consulting Services

Direct Store Delivery Versus Centralized Distribution

Direct Store Delivery Versus Centralized Distribution

Product sourcing strategy consulting services are specifically oriented to companies seeking to evaluate the economics of changing their source(s) of product supply.   MWPVL International offers a unique approach that combines operational and financial data to evaluate current sourcing strategies versus alternative optionProduct Sourcing Strategys.

Product sourcing studies address the following types of questions:

  • Which vendors and/or product lines should be stocked and self-distributed, versus cross docked, versus handled as flow through, versus direct store delivered?
  • Should a firm source products through a supplier, wholesaler, or distributor? or should a firm source directly from the manufacturer?
  • Should a company consider sourcing product differently? More or less frequently?  Through different channels?  Through different distributor suppliers?
  • What are the economic cost-benefits of changing a product supply sourcing strategy ?
  • What are the risks and qualitative issues that need to be considered if a product sourcing strategy is changed?

To execute these studies, MWPVL International develops sophisticated product flow path / costing  models that capture all supply chain cost components from the  source of supply to the customer point of consumption.   This model is then used to compare the economics of alternate product sourcing options yielding powerful results.  Best of all, the model can be dynamically self-administered to continuously optimize product sourcing decisions into the future.


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