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MWPVL International Supply Chain, Logistics, and Distribution Consulting Experience

MWPVL International Inc. provides supply chain, logistics, and distribution consulting services to companies across a wide range of industry sectors and countries.  Our clients include Fortune 100 companies as well as small and medium sized businesses throughout North America, Europe, The Middle East, and The Caribbean.  Regardless of company size, industry, or geographical location, our clients share a common need for the highest caliber of professional consulting services.

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Industries and Verticals Served:

MWPVL International’s client experience spans a wide range of industry sectors and verticals:

Industry Sector

Industry Vertical

Retail Distribution

Wholesale Distribution


  • Apparel and Footwear
  • Appliances
  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Aviation Parts
  • Beer, Wine, Liquor, & Spirits
  • Beverage
  • Books, Music, Video
  • Candy and Tobacco
  • Consumer Products
  • E-Commerce Fulfillment
  • Electrical and Lighting
  • Electronics
  • Equipment
  • Floral
  • Foodservice
  • Fresh Produce
  • Furniture
  • General Merchandise
  • Grocery
  • Hardware, Building Materials and Lumber
  • Health Care
  • Health and Beauty Care
  • Housewares
  • Industrial Distribution
  • Jewelry
  • Mass Merchants
  • Musical Instruments
  • Office Supplies and Furniture
  • Oil & Gas
  • Parts supply and distribution
  • Pet Food Supplies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plumbing, Heating and HVAC
  • Sporting Goods
  • Veterinarian Supplies


  • Apparel and Footwear
  • Automotive
  • Bakery Products
  • Beverage
  • Consumer Products
  • Dairy Products
  • Equipment
  • Electrical
  • Food
  • Gas and Utilities
  • Health Care
  • Heavy Industry & Power Equipment
  • Industrial Products
  • Meat Production
  • Medical Supplies
  • Packaging Supplies
  • Paper Products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Publishing
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Wine and Spirits

3PL / Other

  • Financial Institutions
  • Government
  • Health Care Institutions
  • Private and Public Security Firms
  • Supply Chain Technology Companies
  • Telecommunications
  • Third Party Logistics Companies (3PL)
  • Utilities Service Providers

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MWPVL International Inc. is a full-service global Supply Chain, Logistics and Distribution Consulting firm. Our consulting services include Supply Chain Network Strategy, 3PL Outsourcing Strategy, Distribution Center Design, Material Handling Systems, Supply Chain Technology Advisory Services (WMS, TMS, LMS, YMS, OMS, DMS, Purchasing, Slotting),  Lean Distribution, Transportation Management, Distribution Operations Assessments, Warehouse Operations Consulting and much more.