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Supply Chain Management Quarterly Review,Supply Chain Best Practices, Boost Productivity and Cut Costs, December, 2011

Supply Chain Management Review December, 2011

Our Lean Manufacturing Strategy and Execution consulting services are designed to work with your team.   Working with you, we develop the most effective ways of producing your products at a level of quality and cost that aligns with your overall business strategy and is supported with the principles of lean manufacturing.  Manufacturing strategy engagements include looking at product line complexity, product design scheduling and sourcing as well as geographic footprint and make-vs-buy evaluations. 

Execution level consulting services are focused on lean manufacturing principles including:  shop floor level layout/flow optimization; processes; procedures; management and productivity.  These engageLean Manufacturingments are hands-on in nature and allow us to leverage decades of shop floor experience..

MWPVL International has developed a structured manufacturing strategy and execution program that addresses the following types of questions:

  • Do we have the optimal manufacturing footprint for our business and its growth strategy?
  • Are there ways to optimize our product line that could lead to substantial production efficiency and quality improvements?
  • Are there different ways to schedule our production to improve output and or quality consistency?
  • What metrics should be used to measure the effectiveness of our production operations and to quantify improvements?
  • Does our plant layout / flow allow for the most efficient, highest quality output? 
  • Should we be manufacturing this product / component or purchasing it?
  • What do we need to address to transform our production system to lean principles?  
  • Are we scheduling production in a way that provides optimal results in terms of on time delivery, quality, efficiency? 

A structured approach to lean manufacturing is based on the use of the following building blocks:

  • Pull System
    • Scheduling and producing in response to demand
    • Using the customer order as the key manufacturing signal
  • Value Stream Mapping
    • Understanding your business process from supplier to customer to highlight the flow of product and information and identify delays and non-value added activities.
  • Kaizen
    • Developing a culture of continuous improvement leveraging all available resources including customers, employees and suppliers.
  • 5S
    • Application of the 5 principles: Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardise, and Sustain to organize the workplace in a consistent fashion, improving productivity and quality
  • Lean Manufacturing
    • Developing processes and systems to absolutely minimize the time from customer order to cash collection.

MWPVL International provides strictly unbiased lean manufacturing consulting services combined with a strong understanding of all aspects of manufacturing from strategic evaluation to shop floor execution. 

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